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What is the meaning or origin of the name "DIVI DIVI"?

What is the meaning or origin of the name "DIVI DIVI"?

| Amanda Johnson
The Divi Divi is a  tree with a distinctive and recognizable shape native to the Caribbean and South America. Let's discover the important details about this interesting tree, as well as some lesser-known facts. First, let's start with the basics. The Divi Divi tree (also known as the Cacaso tree...
Founders of DIVI DIVI

From Travelers to Trailblazers: The Inspiring Journey of DIVI DIVI

| Sara Yingling
DIVI DIVI began with a husband and wife who shared a love for travel and a passion for high quality products. With Jarimy having Indian heritage and Sara being from La Guajira, Colombia, the couple had a unique appreciation for diverse cultures and traditions. As they traveled the world, they bec...