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Founders of DIVI DIVI

From Travelers to Trailblazers: The Inspiring Journey of DIVI DIVI

DIVI DIVI began with a husband and wife who shared a love for travel and a passion for high quality products. With Jarimy having Indian heritage and Sara being from La Guajira, Colombia, the couple had a unique appreciation for diverse cultures and traditions.

As they traveled the world, they became obsessed with finding the best and most unique products, always searching out craftsmen who were masters of their trade. They were drawn to traditional handmade crafts that reflected the culture and heritage of the places they visited, and they knew they wanted to find a way to share these beautiful products with others.

With this in mind, they set out to create DIVI DIVI, a company that would offer a carefully curated selection of handmade goods from a variety of cultures and countries. They searched out the finest craftsmen in Colombia and beyond, working closely with them to bring their unique products to a wider audience and to support the traditional craftsmanship that went into each piece.

With hard work and determination, the couple was able to turn their dream into a reality. Today, DIVI DIVI is a thriving business that has brought the beauty and craftsmanship of traditional handmade products to people all around the world, while also supporting the artisans who create them and preserving the cultural traditions that inspire their work. Their story is truly inspiring, a testament to the power of hard work and dedication to achieve one's dreams.

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